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A central fabrication lab creating innovative custom orthoses.


Quality Orthopedic Bracing, Competitive Prices
When was the last time your expectations were surpassed? We are committed to providing the best orthoses for your patients. 

Why Choose Wacker Orthopedic?

We treat each account individually to ensure brace fabrication is handled according to the vision you have for your patients. Because we are a central fabrication lab, we are flexible with how your orthoses are handled. Our years of success derives from our attention to detail, quick turn around time, and the highest quality finished products.

You want the best for your patients.  We are continually improving our ability to create special design braces for patients who have needs beyond what ordinary orthoses provide. Our braces are 100 percent custom from your cast every time. We will never use carvers, robots or scanners. We believe that true fit can only be achieved this way.

At Wacker Orthopedic Inc. we set the industry standard - for you. Technicians are available to discuss componentry and brace design ensuring your vision is materialized in the finished orthoses.
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